Changelog for Produxi-Performer and Produxi-Quizzer

Versie 3.3.1 (Released Juli 31 2020):
  1. General
  2. IP addresses are being check on correct format.
  3. If IP address does exist but is not used by a NAO, the application will stop and a new address needs to be given.
  4. Format of script and session file is now in Json.
  5. NAO reports if a language is selected which it can not speak.
  6. Introduced Demo mode, which can be used without a dongle, but has some constraints.
  7. Performer: When saving a script there is an opportunity to change the name.
  8. Performer: Upon starting a dance the posture of the NAO is checked. It needs to be standing, if not the NAO reports it needs to stand up first.
  9. Performer: Added the possibility to start a 'behavior' on the NAO (see Help/About tab).
  10. Performer: Check for posture of the NAO in script adapted.
  11. Performer: The working of the field Text/Pause/Sound is improved.
  12. Quizzer: Format list boxes is enlarged.
  13. Quizzer: After re-positioning NAO repeats the question.
  14. Quizzer: Files with results are created and are in the folder "Results" with extension *.txt.
  15. Quizzer: In a session the child can have the opportunity to select the subject the questions are about.
  16. Quizzer: Wait 30 sec too check if the child flipped the tablet (was 20 sec).
  17. Quizzer: Before another tab page can be selected a file with questions has to be selected.
  18. Quizzer: On execute tab the values of the network are showed more extensively
  19. Quizzer: If the laptop has no network connection you can't start Ziggi
  20. Quizzer: Repaired bugs with counting of number of questions and selection of random questions
N.B.: This version of Quizzer needs the Quizzer-app version 3.3.1 to be installed on the tablet.

Versie 3.3.0 (Released August 30 2019):
  1. German version added
  2. Bugs repaired in NAOConnector
  3. Performer: On various places hint-texts are added to facilitate the use.
  4. Performer: If powerpoint is started, the app will be minimized.
  5. Performer: Usage of audio improved.
  6. Quizzer: Added option to play the quiz without the flipper.
  7. Quizzer: Added buttons to stop and pause the playing of the quiz.
  8. Quizzer: Added texts which guides when starting the quiz.
  9. Quizzer: Bug at the re-positioning of the robot fixed.
  10. Documentation updated
  11. Installation instructions added to the site.
Note: The source code of the applications is extensively changed. We tried to test all functions and flows, but can not rule out we have missed something. Please inform us if you experience that and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Versie 3.2.1 (Released July 3 2019):
  1. Performer: bug about closing powerpoint fixed
  2. Performer: when powerpoint starts the app is minimalized
  3. Quizzer: no changes

Versie 3.2.0 (Released May 17 2019):
  1. Quizzer: added that if the flipping of the tablet fails the NAO will re-position itself.
  2. Before use the tablet-app also needs to be upgraded to version 3.2.0.
  3. Bugfixes in Performer

Versie 3.1.4 (Released March 31 2019):
  1. VIn Performer improved stooping of running actions
  2. Quizzer layout filters in sessies-tab adapted

Versie 3.1.3 (Released March 26 2019):
  1. Starting the NAOConnection is improved
  2. Removed the default IP address

Versie 3.1.2 (Released Februari 15 2019):
  1. Added playing wav files in Performer
  2. Corrected type errors
  3. Updated manuals
  4. In Quizzer on the tablet, okay button active after NAO has spoken

Version 3.1 (Released Februari 5 2019):
  1. Extended handling of wrong IP address of the NAO
  2. Added changing of NAO's name (on About/Help-page)
  3. Refactored the executing-steps-flow in Performer
  4. Added the number of the step on the step-ui in Performer
  5. Added possibility to pause in Performer
  6. Added movies for the gestures in Performer
  7. Added error handling when there are errors in the config file
  8. Fixed some utf-8 issues

Version 3.0 (Released Januari 8 2019):
  1. First official multilingual release